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STOP running around all over town trying to get the best price. Call Auto Source, the car buyer and leaser's advocate, and close the deal from the comfort of your home or office. Let us do all the work, leaving you with peace of mind and a great deal.

We are not brokers. Our business is based on securing you, the consumer, with the best deal in the shortest amount of time. We are paid a flat fee by the dealerships, so our bottom line is the same whether you are looking for a used vehicle or a Rolls Royce. Our system has proven itself over and over by allowing us to worry not about a commission, but about YOU.

Our personalized services, all of which are FREE to you, include:


    Is there a particular car you're looking for but just can't seem to find? Well, that's our specialty! Head over to Car Search and Request page, and let us know exactly what you want. Our inside access to inventories throughout Florida and out-of-state allows us to get you the best deal around.


    Initiate, secure and close the deal without ever leaving your home or office.


    Years in the business have given us access to and knowledge of all types financing. Our expertise in trade-ins; bad or spotty credit histories; and in securing deals for those who traditionally have the hardest time at the dealerships (women, seniors and students, to name a few) sets us apart from other commission-hungry brokers out there.


    We will, for free, address your networking contacts, business colleagues, neighbors or church/synagogue groups. Our presentation titles include: The Road to the Sale and Car Lingo Made Easy and the ever popular "What every Woman should know about cars." For more information on scheduling a free seminar please contact us.

Car Locator Service

Is there a particular car that you are looking for in South Florida but just can’t seem to find? Well that’s our specialty! Head over to our car locator page, and let us know exactly what you are looking for. Since we have access to inventories throughout South Florida, most likely the car you are looking for is out there, and we can get it for you!

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