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I really can’t thank you enough for your service and professionalism. I have had to make so many changes in my life lately and car buying was one of them.

The car buying experience is not a friendly one and your team has really exceeded all my expectations. I have been trying to purchase a vehicle for the last month and I wish I would have started with your service first. I have three small children and trying to negotiate a vehicle with them is not a great experience at all. Your service has completely made this process less painful. From finding the vehicle to delivering it to explaining all the features, your company and team are friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and AMAZING.

I am raving about your service to anyone who will listen. I will continue to use your service for as long as you’re around. Thank you again!

Sousa, Romina

Holly, I want to thank you for making this car purchase the smoothest and quickest transaction I have ever experienced. It certainly was a great experience. Thanks for looking out for our interest in the costs, making sure we got all the rebates/discounts available. Also the attention to detail in explaining all items included in the purchase, as well as, explaining to David the features of the car. I will certainly recommend and use your services in any future car transaction.


Good Morning,

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work. You really went above and beyond to make me happy and you certainly did. I love my new car.

Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your weekend. It was such a pleasure doing business with you.

Kathy F.

Good afternoon Holly,

I want to take the time to say thank you for all your help in the purchase of my new 2016 Honda CRV. Honestly, I could not have do it without you, Holly.

I was not sure of how to go about using your services because no one I knew had really done this before. My Family does things the old fashion way going dealer to dealer, gathering prices, test driving and haggling with prices. Unfortunately, I did not have the time or the desire to work on top of all my other work.

After speaking with you and just having a quick conversation regarding my needs, you went far beyond what I thought the process would take a couple of weeks to just days. The amazing part was that you were not pestering me to buy buy buy... You allow me to take my time and for my situation to take its course. I was surprise on how calm you were to just handle the car situation and having me feel less stress. You went step by step with me with the contact and even went beyond as to clarify any concerns that I had. I became less stressed out and realized you the help I needed and was looking for. Holly you did my leg work and for that I am grateful for.

No more sleepless nights or trying to haggle or speak with pushy sales representatives. What an astonish relief.

After setting up my drop date and then rescheduling, you were not upset, you were calm and collective. I must say that impressed me.

Once my car was here the attention to customer care that you took... WOW!!! This was far more then what I expected and could of imagined. Again WOOOOOWWW!!! You went over the entire vehicle. The best part was you connected my Bluetooth and explained how it works. Then you went set by step in the paperwork which is something we as consumer have a great problem . I tend to feel intimated and overwhelmed. But you did an exceptional job in going over all the paperwork.

Again this difficult process you made a pleasure. I am thrilled my bank, Power Financial Credit Union, pair us up together. You made me feel at easy and helped me. I will forever be thankful.

I have told everyone I know about all your wonderful help and attention to detail. They are now waiting to see when they too can work with you to get them their dream car and make the process so pleasurable instead of so stressful.

Again I cannot thank you enough for all your help!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! for everything.

Extremely Grateful,
Michelle T Cabrera


I have been enjoying my Toyota Highlander for two days now and I absolutely love it. I want to thank you for assisting me in the process of selecting and buying my new Toyota. The services you provided made the experience of buying a new car stress free. You were prompt in responding to my request for locating the vehicle I wanted at a competitive price. Although, I had to wait three weeks for delivery, for reason beyond your control, you kept me informed on the delivery status through emails or phone calls. And, delivering the vehicle to my front door with all the paper work ready for signature made it a WOW experience. I would use your services again in the future and I'll highly recommend your services to my friends and family.

Best Regards,
Nelson Gonzalez
Satisfied Customer

I just wanted to share what a great experience it was to purchase my car through Autosource and MEFCU! I couldn’t be happier with the entire process. Buying a car is usually stressful, having to deal with the price haggling, and then the financial portion at the dealership. Instead, in 3 days, I placed my application to the credit union, contacted Holly at Autosource, she found my car, she negotiated the price, saved me money and delivery at the dealership took less than an hour. A quick stop at MEFCU - AWESOME, then on to the dealership, I arrived, signed and drove away. I’m still in disbelief. In my past I’ve spent tireless hours in a dealership. Thank you for partnering with such a great service…Holly is awesome!

L. Carpenter

My sincere appreciation to you for making our recent new car purchase worry and stress free. Both my wife and I attended your new car purchase seminar sponsored by Power Financial CU and we were both impressed with your industry knowledge and professionalism. After we engaged you to help us with our new car purchase, your help and guidance in each step of the process resolved any and all concerns we may have had. There was no sales pressure from the dealer either on the price of new car or issues with our trade-in. The whole process from beginning to end could not have gone any smoother than it did. I highly recommend that other members of Power Financial CU seeking to buy a new car engage your services.

Richard and Therese Hall

I do hope you were able to enjoy some time away from the ‘grind’. I just wanted to take the opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your support in purchasing my new car. You helped make the experience well easier than I expected. Regrettably, I contacted you late in the game. However, the support you provided me was invaluable. Your responsiveness, follow-through and clear desire to help me get the best deal possible far exceeded my expectations.

Buying a car can be a nerve-wrecking experience. I can truly say that my experience was everything but. You provided me with guidance that gave me peace of mind. For me, that peace of mind was a priceless gift.

Thanks again for your support. I almost wish I was buying a second new car, so we could work together again. Wishing you continued success, health and happiness always.

Most sincerely,
Lemuel Thomas

Just wanted to let you know that your services at Auto Source made our relocation to the US so much easier. In addition, your connections helped us find the right financing (5.5%) even with a less than perfect credit and within our budget. I know we challenged you by asking to find us 2 luxurious brand new cars within our tight budget of $1,000. I must confess that we were going to increase our budget by $500 after searching ourselves over the Internet and realizing that the cars that we wanted at the rates offered to us would not fit our budget. Your knowledge, reputation and contacts within the Industry made the difference. You simply knew where to look and found exactly what we wanted at the right price!

We wish you many years of continuous business! Please keep us on your preferred customer list as we will keep you on ours.

Thanks, we appreciate your services,
Robert and Edileen S., Weston

Me and my family have purchased several cars with Auto Source. The price and convenience is paramount. I selected color and options and they got me the best price on my trade all in the comfort of my own home and delivered the car free of charge so I never set foot in the dealership.

Thank you Auto Source,
Fern M., Boynton Beach

Due to Real Estate problems my credit has suffered. Dealerships were declining my credit and dictating what I could buy and at what price. Holly and Auto Source found the best financing and I chose the car under the volume discounting they provide saving me $1000's of dollars.

Thanks Auto Source,
Bill K. Sunrise

My Mother who is still in her young 70's has always relied on my Dad to buy a car. I live in NJ so I was concerned she would be taken advantage of. A neighbor referred her to Holly and Auto Source. She came and took my Mom on test drives. Mom selected the car she wanted and everything was handled cost effectively in the comfort of her own home. Holly even got more money for my Mom's old car than a dealer offered.

Thank you Auto Source,
Jim W., Plattsburg NJ

Just wanted to say thanks, as I got my new car this week – which was made possible By the Credit Union. Pam couldn't have been any nicer as she assisted me with all the paperwork every step of the way. I also wanted to let you know what a great help Holly from Auto Source was. She took care of everything from beginning to end and had the car delivered to my home and then even gave me an inservice on the car itself, which was a huge help! I would totally recommend Holly’s services to everyone – she does all the work and you don't have the headaches!

Thanks Again!!!!

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